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We are your communication guide on unknown terrain.

Christine Vogl-Kordick

Christine Vogl-Kordick, the PR coach and communications guide with heart and mind, who listens empathetically and puts what you entrust to her into YOUR stories. She supports you with a feeling for topics and the right mix of measures, tactics and tools that will bring you forward successfully … also and especially in Corona times. A psychologist by training and an experienced PR woman on the international communications stage, she builds bridges to the outside world … from corporate management to journalists, from sales to customers, from marketing and PR management to opinion leaders in your target groups and sectors.

We are the pathfinders for your communication mix.

Markus Gladbach
Markus Gladbach

Markus Gladbach has a degree in German studies and has a knack for spot-on copywriting and creative storytelling. The infectious Cologne native, who emigrated to Munich, has a pronounced creative streak, and not only when it comes to creating content that gets to the heart of what you have to say and hits the mark. After all, he is also an energetic implementer of ideas, a smart strategist and a powerful doer who is happy managing changes and further developments and also knows companies from the inside.

We are what your communication is missing.

Together, Christine Vogl-Kordick and Markus Gladbach are the unbeatable duo when it comes to communication consulting and support on the way to the new reality of life. Together, the two professionals look back on more than half a century of rich expertise on both the corporate and agency side in successfully supporting clients: strategically and tactically, locally and internationally, in B2B as well as B2C, from technology to sectors such as automotive suppliers, architecture, construction, energy, logistics, trade fairs, production, the insurance industry, etc. … And, depending on your needs, we reach out to you in a variety of ways. … And if necessary, we draw on a broad and deep agile network of experts depending on your requirements: from graphics to social media to events, we deliver everything that your heart desires and that will not only satisfy you and your customers, but also make you successful.

We get stuck in and are consultants and service providers at the same time. For you!