Micro-Tracing in companies – A project worth discussing

The Covid-19 tracking app has been available for a few weeks. It is now on millions of smartphones. Its effectiveness is a constant topic of many discussions. The media discuss it controversially. Companies and app developers have also jumped on the bandwagon. They have so-called micro-tracing solutions in development, i.e. tracing apps or tools for companies. They are supposed to…

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Building our future together

The next wave of infection is rolling into Germany. Many countries are increasingly affected by Covid-19. We are realising more and more that the pandemic will occupy us for much longer than expected. Longer means: years! Perhaps in a few months, scientists will find a remedy to at least partially alleviate the symptoms of Covid-19. Nevertheless, the virus remains dangerous, for older people…

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The Five Phases Of Crisis Management
Die fünf Phasen werden sauer sein

The Five Phases Of Crisis Management

How will we navigate the current economic and life crisis triggered by the pandemic? Now that our traditional metrics and assumptions have become irrelevant? The answer: in five phases. McKinsey has developed these calls to action. The management consultants use them to show a path from the crisis of today to the next new reality of life. The five phases…

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Welcome to the “Next Normal”
Willkommen zur neuen Lebenswirklichkeit

Welcome to the “Next Normal”

SOME THOUGHTS ON THE FUTURE TASKS OF PR AND MARKETING Getting out of the lockdown, we all quickly realised that there is no longer a return to the "old normal", but that a new reality of life is emerging. Of course, the house across the street still looks like the house you know, and the office building next door is…

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