The CommsDuo: Communication for the New Reality of Life

After the Corona Lockdown, the certainty rises daily: there is no return to the “old normality”, a new reality of life is emerging. As consultants and service providers from a single source, The CommsDuo, Christine Vogl-Kordick and Markus Gladbach, offer communication and marketing (consulting and implementation) for the path to the new reality of life.

PR and marketing play a decisive role in the new reality of life. This is because it is about developing suitable storytelling, communication and marketing strategies. Companies need to develop the ability to focus and articulate corporate purpose, brand and even business idea through the lens of a radically changed society. This will be critical to survival in the coming months of recession, pandemic and the emergence of the new reality of life. Companies are now being given the task of re-evaluating business models, products, markets, delivery channels, marketing and communication strategies and even employees.

We have a broad foundation of knowledge and know-how

We, The CommsDuo, support companies and institutions in this transformation process and on their way into the new reality of life. We are at home in many fields. Whether in marketing and communications (strategic and tactical, local and international), in B2B or B2C, whether in technology or in sectors such as automotive, architecture, construction, energy, logistics, trade fairs, production, the insurance industry, etc., we are at home. … If necessary, we draw on a broad and deep agile network of experts from a wide range of communication disciplines to put together an all-round carefree package.

Together, we at The CommsDuo can look back on more than half a century of rich expertise. Both on the corporate and agency side, we have successfully supported clients in the B2B and B2C sectors.

What you can build on with us

We support you in the tasks:
  1. understanding the new needs of your clients.
  2. to develop new communication strategies and action concepts.
  3. to intensify the cooperation with marketing in order to adapt and redefine brands and services.
  4. Adapt/revise/relaunch the brands and corporate website.
  5. Plan and implement content-based communication campaigns.
  6. to lay the foundations for adaptation to the new reality of life with internal communication.
  7. to adequately accompany the defined measures, which can also be implemented by you.
  8. develop rapid response systems for communication in an uncertain time.

We are here for you! The CommsDuo – consultant, partner and service provider in communication for the new reality of life.